MKE Week 17HJ – What or Who Really is a Hero?

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It’s kind of ironic that popping up on my phone yesterday and today was two Extreme Home Makeover shows featuring quite the hero’s.

In the first episode, a firefighter had 3 children and adopted 8 more from Haiti. Not only did he support the 11 kids, but his wife as well who was recovering from cancer. Wow, what a hero to all.

The second was a firefighter single dad raising his 3 children and adopted 2 others while working 3 jobs. Again, a hero to all.

The most poignant part of each episode was hearing how everyone spoke about the fathers; their descriptions of the Hero’s. The respect and support from the colleagues and town members, the love and gratefulness from the children. Also, the words to describe the fathers – loving, perfect, excellent, amazing, inspiring…

The fathers felt their call – to give, to leave a legacy, to love, to bless others, to be a role model, put others before them, to be better, to be selfless . . .

It really made me think more about what or who a hero is. It is you, it is me, it is everyone. We can all be hero’s to someone and to ourselves. I know that is up to me to become a better person all around, to look at the Gal in the Glass with love, and to strive to be my authentic self so I become not only a hero to others, but my own hero.

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  • Great blog Loriann! “We can all be hero’s to someone and to ourselves”. That is really powerful and so spot on! Actually I think the greatest hero’s are those who do things in the silence, mostly small things on a daily basis. You are truly on a hero’s journey now.

  • Great blog!
    Isn’t it wonderful to know that a few drops of love to a few people can make such a huge ripple effect we may never see.

  • It sounds as if you’ve taken up the self-leadership cause, Loriann, and now it’s time to run with it! 🙂

  • Great blog Loriann. It is true that everyone can be a hero. We tend to remember only those who have done amazing feats but we all can be a hero to someone and to ourselves.

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