MKE Week 17HJ – Meeting my future me

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It was as if I was inside that part of the future me’s life that only a short time ago was something that I dreamt of. So many things happening simultaneously and almost as if it had been a vision…
For a time I found myself, almost beside myself, realizing things that without a little trust and faith in what we were being taught, shown if you will, would’ve not become my reality.

There were moments, many of them in fact, that the old me would’ve crumbled under! But not this time, this time I knew that somehow a resolve would present itself and I’d be able to move forward. So I simply kept moving forward into my future me and that life that I’d been thinking about, dreaming of, hoping for, and maybe a lot of praying for as well. This time was different though, I had the tools to move beyond that cement that once held me in that place that I no longer felt was for me.

So my future me has met my present me in that transition to the ever evolving future me!

Due to a long 700 mile journey, a move from that old place into the new, I was a bit consumed the week last to pass and am posting my blog for that week now!

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  • You definitely been an inspiration for many and continue to be this example! Keep on moving forward for the best is yet to be recieved!

  • How great you are, Andrew, for being able to break yourself free from the concrete that has locked you in place, to become an inspiration for all of us! 🙂

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