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It’s all done with mirrors. I am considering the idea that everything we see is simply a reflection of EVERYTHING that ever was, is, or will be.

I realize that my experiences are an outpicturing, or mirroring, of my inner focus and intentions. These include intentions of my conscious mind, as expressed in a DMP, and also of my higher guidance.

Sometimes I coast along the plateau of ease in life, where problems seem to be minimal. And sometimes I encounter obstacles as does any hero on their journey.

“How could this be?” some wonder. “I didn’t wish for this disaster to occur. I’ve been following all the rules and thinking all the right things!!!”

Consider that a problem just may be your higher self, calling you to another level of greatness that you wouldn’t achieve otherwise. I don’t know why life is this way – I only know THAT it is this way! Some examples:

• Getting fired from a job where you were comfortable so you can achieve your dreams
• The fight with a family member that leads to better communication and respect for all
• The heart attack that helps you value your health, loved ones, and propels you to a more vibrant life style.

Now, none of us would want to encounter something like a heart attack. However, consider that that experience just might prolong life…

That reflection is the outpicturing of an inner “nudge” that mirrors the desire we all share to achieve a more peaceful and vibrant life. Though we may not see it, the Universe is showing us that it’s just one of the many images known and unknown to our consciousness. And without those images, how could we ever have a journey that allows us the chance to create ourselves a Hero!

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  • Thank you for sharing your insights and thoughts MJ! It’s so important to remember that we seldom have the whole picture and that we don’t really know what is waiting for us around the corner. The only thing we can do is to trust that we get exactly what we need on our life’s hero’s journey.

  • I love this share! Like Og said, “…all my problems, discouragements, and headaches are in truth great opportunities in disguise.”

    It’s all in how we want to look at the situation. Silver lining or negative defeat.

  • I appreciated this share and thank you Mary…Reflections are everywhere and so the question comes down to, what do we want?!

  • I loved reading your reflections – and the idea that problems may be actually something else in disguise.
    thanks for sharing.

  • This is a great share MJ mahalo! One thing that Dr. Candice Pert said in one of the movies is that other people’s realities are always going to intersect with ours. Her example what Patriots vs Eagles – each team has a much different reality of what is going to happen that day LOL

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