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What a great week this is. It struck me that I’ve been trying to ignore the call for quite a few years but no longer. I’ve said goodbye to the old version and stepping into being me…big time!

I’ve also been experimenting with looking for the virtues. When we were focusing on kindness, I saw acts of kindness everywhere and began noticing that I was being kind as well.

Now I’m focused on courage, I see acts of courage everywhere. And I notice that I am exhibiting small acts of courage as well; making the odd awkward phone call and so on.

That’s when I started to experiment.

I wondered whether the same process worked for negative virtues (not sure what to call them)?

So, over the past couple of days I decided to look out for arrogance. Guess what? Yep, I saw people behaving arrogantly everywhere. My conclusion was, hey that’s why some of my mates see problems everywhere, they look for them!

That would have been a big enough lesson except for what happened this morning. I was in the local bakers and assumed I would be served before two other people because their order was much more complicated. Yep, I was behaving arrogantly.

As you would imagine, I’m now focused on kindness and courage again!

Powerful stuff, this is…

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  • Great insights Allan! You engaged in the process and experienced the power of Focus! Bravo..making the application.

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