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Involve, staying involved keeps you moving forward. Being involved sets you up for success. How do you like to be involved? Do you like to be in the middle of the pack, learning, helping, supporting, guiding and receiving ?

This past week was a very good reminder for me that being part of a group that has weekly meetings, keeps you in the middle. It keeps your energy intricately connected to those that you are learning with, growing with and supporting. It not only benefits you, but the entire group.

It’s a collective energetic agreement to evolve together, like a pair of ice skaters that are separate but glide together in a beautifully elegant dance. They dance on the ice, not without error, but when the error happens they lean on each other, pivot and continue effortlessly towards their goal.

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  • As a dancer, in my mind, I replaced ice skaters with dancers (my wife and I and our dance friends and colleagues)- getting involved in our passion and moving forward.

  • I wish you could have seen me reading your blog post because I was smiling and nodding when reading your metaphor for being part of the group. I just love ice skating and it gave me this feeling how beautiful and graceful it is when the group functions like the couple on the ice. Thank you for giving this wonderful metaphor!

  • Love your description of being in a group, “It’s a collective energetic agreement to evolve together.” In that sense, being in the middle is the best place to be!

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