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“Dragon talk” was around me throughout the week. Mark talked about what Campbell refers to slaying the dragon(s) in our lives. A preacher that I listen to on Sundays mentioned a children’s book entitled: There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon by Jack Kent. There were several other occasions throughout the week where I would see dragons or overhear someone talking about dragons……it was enough for me to take notice, as I am sure many of you would as well. As I was thinking about the different stories & examples of dragons throughout the week I remember growing up with Pete’s dragon as a kid.

In each of my encounters with dragons this week, they each meant & portrayed something different. As Mark referenced this week, slaying our dragons that cause us to not answer the call unless we have a supernatural aid of some type. Job loss, losing a friend, divorce & the list goes on. As soon as we covered this part of the lesson I realized how many dragon decisions I have had throughout my life… was crazy to realize! I also concluded that I have conditioned myself this way for so many years that I just did it out of habit. Trying to start a company, change my life, start over…..every time I needed some form of chaos to be a part of my process in order to move forward.

As I reflected on how much I’ve changed & how far I have come over the last 17 weeks I began to not recognize the person I used to be, at all. He has become a complete stranger to me from the inside out & through all of these dragon encounters this week I have come to peace with knowing that I have been able to tame my dragon(s). I am becoming a hero to myself again, like when I was a kid & I flew around my house & yard with my superman cape. I am no longer reluctant to what is possible because I do not allow chaos in this world to feed the dragons that I have fed for so long. Dragons will always be around in this world….I have learned & will continue to learn to tame those in my life. Through this I am growing stronger & wiser every day & I will continue to do so.
-Dragon Tamer-

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  • Honey I just love this! What a realization you had! So happy for you and proud of you!

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