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This week, my son chose to quit smoking. It’s been a real struggle for him – he’s really hooked!

So, to support him, I offered him a “treat” for every day he went without smoking.

Today is his day 5. The treat is usually to go out for breakfast, coffee, or lunch and we combine it with an errand or two in town – we live in the country. I’ve missed some of my weekly MKE commitments, however I realize that taking time off to be with Andrew is of paramount importance right now. And….I always have my hummingbirds to send messages to my subby of my goals!

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  • Inspiring blog MJ! I’m guessing you can find plenty of red circles, blue rectangles, etc. while you are enjoying quality time with your son. Heck- he could help you locate them too!! and could it be possible that sparks a conversation about what those shapes mean to you???
    Win-win and we are back to Point 5 of the Blueprint builder. Yahooooo!!

  • I’m sure your son appreciate your support a lot, and that it also means a lot to him. I think that as a parent we are most genuine when we are good role models how to behave to people that matters to us and to people around us in general. And our children never gets too old to learn this way 😉 . You are going to keep up soon Mary with the commitments, maybe with the support from your son ;.)

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