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It’s fitting that we are beginning the 7-Day Mental Diet today.
I’ve been beginning my days with love in my heart.
And it’s perfect that we had our Session 7 (Lucky 7; 7-Day Mental Diet, etc.) today because a few things showed up for me today:

1.  I remained true to my PPN of True Health.
I worked out this morning with Martial Arts, despite getting out of bed a tad later than I had hoped.
(I’ll give myself an excuse: I had been with another Mastermind Alliance until late at night…got home past midnight…and was so inspired that I couldn’t sleep for more than an hour! And yesterday was Fall Back Day!)

2.  I met with a friend of mine at Canada’s second-largest shopping mall.
We sat down face-to-face in those lounge chairs that are separated by a small table in between.

She gave me my Financial Needs Analysis so that I can see where I am and where I still need to go. We discussed how I’m actually in better shape than I’ve been giving myself credit for. I also told her that I have been investing in myself, so there HAVE been a few extra expenses these last few months.

But for the first time in a long time, I am NOT DISEMPOWERED by that.
I’m actually INSPIRED by my willingness to take myself on and go through the emotional rigors of personal development!
(Like an adult Vulcan Pon Farr Ritual for all you Trekkie/Trekkers!)

3.  After finishing with my friend, I had a great conversation with a member of one of my other MMAs.  We discussed how my mum had been dreading going under the knife again after a botched hip-replacement surgery several years ago.  He is showing me the collagen product his company produces so that I can introduce it to my mom, to help her post-surgery recovery.

Meanwhile, he is open to looking at the disruptive US Healthcare Technology my company launched a few months ago.  So it looks like not only will we be helping my mum with her recovery, we are going to help one another out in our respective businesses as fellow entrepreneurs!

4.  After getting off the phone with him, a sideline business partner called me.
This was an encouragement call that I needed. We discussed tools to use that would help organize and accelerate our businesses!

5.  And after we completed our conversation, a very well-dressed gentleman sat across from me.  My PPN for Recognition For Creative Expression was fired up, when we connected immediately.

I marveled at his monk-strap shoes. That started a chain conversation that ended up with the two of us discussing what each of us did. Turns out, he’s an investment banker with many clients in the United States. When I told him that we are disrupting the US Healthcare Industry, he was totally fascinated! That extended our conversation even further, haha!

In the end, I was proud of myself that I didn’t jump on him like the shark I am. I decided to exchange Contact Information with him. Tomorrow, I am following up with him to invite him to meet my multimillion-dollar mentor to show him the opportunity and see if there is any interest and if he would be a fit.

And I ALWAYS keep my promises!!!

Panthaky Out!

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  • You have had an awesome week. There is definitely more coming your way! You should be very proud of everything you are accomplishing!.

  • Hi Khush, The 7-day mental diet is amazing and starts out with the Love in your heart. It should be a great week. It’s always great to meet new folks that immediately spark a connection. You are doing great.

  • What a great week of experiences & opportunities Khush! Congratulations & enjoy the doors that are opening!

  • Hey Khush, what a great way to start the week – with love in your heart. Thanks for sharing all that enthuuuusiasm and good luck with the follow up. 😀

  • Wow, Khush, what a way to DO IT NOW! Looks like your subby is starting to work very hard for all you desire. Well done!

  • Khush, I love the pic you chose and your title THROUGH THE PORTAL–because you ARE CERTAINLY opening doors for yourself and so many others with your focused energy and enthusiasm! Cheering you on!

  • Wow, you have gotten the week off to a fabulous start! I can’t wait to hear about the rest of the week, lol.

  • Enjoyed your share Khush, “I’m actually INSPIRED by my willingness to take myself on”, keep going.

  • Khush, you are always so khush when business is involved! Great Week #7, and thanks for being the first I’ve seen to publish it! 🙂

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