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Prior to Week 7, I never associated the MKE with a therapy session, yet in retrospect it clearly appears to be.

With all the traumatic experiences I have been through, 9-11 being the most scaring, I avoided therapy. Yet I was fortunate to be part of the 2022 Cohort of MKE, and as if with a wink and nod from the Universe, I am in group therapy.

Just in case it is not clear to you, let me state, I am liking this therapy.

Maybe I am like most clients, who recognize they need help, accept the guidance from the therapist (therapists in this case), yet find themselves falling off the wagon.

What I find comforting about the group therapy sessions is the consistent repetition of critical mantras for success. As the weeks go by these mantras or coaching phrases keep or pull me into alignment with my MKE objectives.

They are constant reminders that to have new results, I must take new actions.

To people who do not know me personally, and are experiencing me walking and taking to myself aloud in the neighborhood, it must be alarming. Maybe they are not caring enough or don’t believe in being their brothers keeper, if they did they would have said something. [ Ok, I thought it, and I wrote it, then I remembered, “Positive thoughts only”]. In fact that was an opinion about others. Oops, I did it again.

Yes, the therapy is working. It truly brings me back into alignment with my goals. I am now excited to see it impact to two simple words on my life through the spring, “Stop it”.

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  • Nowadays I’d be surprised if anyone paid any mind, with so many always talking on their phones with them in their pockets via BlueTooth. (But, if they do… why care what they think?)

  • Thanks for this post, Theo–it’s so affirming of the MasterMind and the process we’re in together. I’d never framed it as group therapy, though…thanks for that thought. And thanks for the laugh about OOPS I DID IT AGAIN thinking negatively about your neighbors’ reaction or non-reaction to the man walking down the street talking to himself!

  • A great step to admitting and knowing you needed the help and going for it, taking action. Keep it up Alleyne

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