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Last week in part 6 section 9, Hannel talks about the mental world in which we live. He says, “It will respond to our desire in direct ratio to our purpose and faith; the purpose must be in accordance with the law of our being, that is, it must be creative or constructive; our faith must be strong enough to generate a current of sufficient strength to bring our purpose into manifestation.”

The chapter ends with a quote from Larson. “That a man can change himself, improve himself, recreate himself, control his environment, and master his own destiny is the conclusion of every mind who is wide awake to the power of right thought in constructive action.”

This is week seven in this master key experience journey. I will admit, I started this MKE program rather abruptly just rushing through the material. I applied while on vacation and started playing catch-up in week 3. Cramming 2 weeks of work into one week was the way I did weeks 1-4. Truthfully, I was just checking off the boxes and trying to get things done quickly just to say I did it.

Fast forward to today, I’m so surprised at how much I am loving Hannel’s information when I take the time to read and digest what he is saying, I am loving the depth and detail he explains the reasoning behind why we are doing what we are doing. Serendipitously, He takes concepts that I’ve read about like: “thought and focused energy,” and puts them into such depth and detail it makes me hunger for more understanding. When I make the time to really read his work, look up the words I don’t understand, and allow myself to absorb the information, I always walked away feeling inspired to do the exercises and hopeful I have a chance to change. So I keep reading, changing my subby, and moving forward with hope and excitement for my future.

It is now up to me to have enough FAITH to generate a current of sufficient strength to bring MY purpose into manifestation. This means I’m going to have to live out in real-time the faith I have claimed to have all these years. Some days I feel very confident and excited about where I am going. On other days I feel like an imposture.

At least I know knowledge is power. Do I have the discipline to pull this off? Right now, probably not. Do I have the exact plan for success written in my DMP? Since I have been flying by the seat of my pants all these weeks, probably not. However, do I believe in the possibility? Absolutely. Do I believe I’m on the right journey, with the right people? For sure! Like everything else in life, I get to know and take one step forward each and every day.

Looking forward to this journey and seeing where it’s going to take me. I’m learning to love adventure even the tiptoeing out into the unknown. (This was hard for a control freak like me). Guess what, I’m enjoying the process.

Now, I feel like I have woken up and am scratching the surface to the knowledge and awareness of our unlimited potential power! Where does that take me? What do I need to do next? One step at a time, I’m enjoying this moment!

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  • Playing catch up can be pretty tough, especially if your not sure how to define all the parts and pieces to your DMP and of coarse the rest of it to.

  • Wow Terri, This is such a great read, if you had read this blog eight weeks ago, would you have even believed this was you writing? I love this, and I think your DMP has a LOT more connection now! GREAT job!!!

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