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I am so enjoying being part of the MKE programme. My service cards proved so effective, that I’ve extended this to daily cards and that forms my to-do list, along with the coloured shapes to remind me which part of my DMP each action relates to.

This is proving a brilliant move.

As each day draws to a close, I experience an irresistible pull to complete my card.

My sons took one look at my dream board and have decided to do their own (they are 29 and 24)!

I’m looking forward to seeing their reaction to my DMP/DIN/BPB/ICBWIWTO/Og with a soundtrack.

One really cool aspect is that each time I visualise my ideal scenario, more details appear. The staggering thing is that I don’t set out to add these details, they just add themselves to my film. And a couple of those details have surprised me…a lot.

The phrase that keeps coming to my mind during this programme is “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” I think that phrase sums up the MKE for me.

And we’re only in Week 7!

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  • “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” So true, Allan. I once heard one horse hooked to a cart can pull one ton. Two horses hooked to a cart can pull ten tons. Then there is Mae West’s famous quote, “One and one is two. Two and… well, lets leave it at that. LOL 🙂

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