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Week 7- Blessings from the Sky

I am excited to be in MKE and have all these opportunities to better myself by doing daily exercises that will help me with my personal growth. I thought I was doing so good with thinking positively until I got frustrated with my DMP feedback because I didn’t know how to make it better and I got frustrated with my husband for not watching my daughter while I was working my job and on a business team call. The emotions came on so quickly and started to spiral into defeat and stay there. I needed to relocate to a different room to get what I needed to be done without distractions. I was bummed out that I failed and had to start my diet all over again. I am working on just focusing on the positive outlooks in life rather than anything negative including those thoughts in my blogging.

A couple weeks ago, I got a call from a detective who arrested someone with a bunch of stolen checks. Two of those checks found in the possession belonged to my mom and me. There was a check for $150 from WellsFargo, which I have no idea where or why it came to me, and there was another check addressed to my mom for $9,978 from the U.S. Treasury Dept. Keep in mind, that these checks were sent to my old address which I moved out of in April of 2022. Since I manage my mom’s finances, she wanted me to deposit the money into our joint account, but she gave me $1K. So in total- I received $1,150 of money that literally came out of the sky. Talk about putting financial freedom out in the air and getting a check in the mail right after creating and reading my DMP. I just feel so blessed and thankful to have the MKE platform to request all the riches that life has to offer.

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  • Is it a failure when you recognize the frustrations and as you put it, ‘Starting all over again’?. I don’t see failure. I see the construction of habits. Those emotions you experience are interesting when you see them from your spirit.

  • Fabulous Hanalei! You have covered two important concepts here. First, Mental Diet and how you have adjusted your work to be more successful. And then how the MKE concepts can bring what you want closer to you, in an unexpected channel! You are rocking!

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