MKE Week 7 – Slow and Steady Wins The Race

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I am financially free. I have money flowing like rain to me. I feel free and light as a bird knowing that I have an ongoing supply of money whenever I want to do whatever I please. I have a constant overflow of resources to help those in need and to give freely.

I have energy, time and peace. I swipe cards with confidence and joy in my heart, knowing that I am a money magnet. Money stays in my bank accounts. My money comes to me from by online e-commerce business and my online hair business which has profits of $5,000 monthly. I have repeat customers that know my hair and online health and beauty products are of good quality and do not mind paying the price offered for purchase. I sacrifice my time each day to make my business grow. I devote at least one hour daily to obtain my customer base and market my business. I also invest 30 minutes daily for learning and developing my mind towards the knowledge of my business. I give love and patience and in return I receive love and patience from others. I travel to the blue flowing oceans of the Caribbean sea, on the largest bright new ships. I am confident,happy and focused.

I never give up on my dream of financial success. I have the energy and time to make my dreams come true. I will unto me all good things desired. I have love for others with forgiveness. God answers all my prayers quickly. I am blessed and loved. I am a bright shining light that leads to success. I encourage others. I help and lead others through the love of God. I am a successful winner. I Always Keep My Promise. LaDonna Jordon.

This week was busy but continues to be productive. I still need time to work on my mental diet. I am continuing to commit to my daily tasks and readings. This week work was busy for me however, I continue to think positive, express love to others when oftentimes I really did not want to. As a result, the work environment and individuals began to respond to my positive energy. I was more centered and focused this week.

The times when I did become out of my character, I found the time to complete my daily readings which allowed me to stay on track and positive. The scroll 2 readings of Oz really came in handy for me this week,

I know I have what it takes to win. I take with confidence and a positive outlook. I can begin to see results in my daily habits and will continue with high expectations, happy and positive outcomes.

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  • Hi LaDonna, I love that you noticed “that individuals began to respond to my positive energy”. This is proof of how much you are accomplishing.

  • “I continue to think positive, express love to others when oftentimes I really did not want to.” What a great way to support people LaDonna by giving Love. Scroll 2 personified.

  • Love agrees with you, LaDonna. Continue to stay true to the exercises, and the world is your oyster. Great Week 7 blog! 🙂

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