MKE Week 7 – Schedule the big rocks first and go from there

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For some reason this week what really stood out to me was the OATS system which as many of you know stands for Objective for the week, Actions required to meet objective, Time required to complete actions and Schedule it (put it in writing). This process doesn’t require any major processes, completing tons of forms or taking lots of your time.

Currently in my life, I spend so much time being busy, scheduling times, with items not as important and in the process, I tend to complicate things. Am I busy? Yes. With the right things? Not necessarily. Interestingly my guide mentioned the OATS system a few weeks ago and I immediately said I was using another system. At this point, I had some idea about the OATS system but hadn’t done a deep dive into it. So, I didn’t have a good understanding of it. It was recommended for a good reason by the MKE team so maybe I should play closer attention to it. Looking at the OATS system, I realize that it actually simplifies the process.

So now this is my focus, how can I schedule the important times first i.e., those big rocks and what I consider the most significant blocks of time then the less important ones afterwards? And after weekend webinar and being inspired, what is past doesn’t matter. So here I am a new beginning and fresh start with the OATS system.

Who knows, maybe I will revisit the other system in the future but for now I will keep it simple and see what happens.

And oh yes, I am using a Post It reminder with the words OATS written out and with what I want to focus on. And my Post It is green! Beautiful on so many levels.

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  • Hi Suzette, I have always loved the big rocks first illustration. thank you for your insight and application this week xoxo

  • Yes, Suzette, there are so many great tools presented throughout MKE journey and it is great to see you directing your path with additions and adjustments along the way. Enjoy this whole process of compounding, permutation and combination of these tools and exercises!

  • Suzette, keeping with the course you stated ” I will keep it simple and see what happens,” into I keep it simple and see what happens.

  • Looking deeper into the lessons and tools presented in the #MKE program is as you’ve discovered, Suzette, a way to garner greater insight. Thanks for being the sixth to publish Week #7! 🙂

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