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It has been a strange week for me. The exercises from Hanel have been given me grief as I feel that I have not been as successful as other weeks. As a person who has prided himself on my mental clarity, I have not been able to have the successful conversations. Perhaps I am trying too hard.

The sits are to be a mental workspace that clarity comes from, and to find this clarity one needs to be relaxed to be in touch with the universal mind. I feel relaxed and calm for the most part. I am seeing my vision in more clear than I ever have, and this vision is also giving me the confidence to get out more and network. I also feel more connected to my definite major purpose in life, and this is also a great thing as well.

So I should be ecstatic as I have done more in the last few weeks than the last few months. I have picked up a new client and my team partner is ready to go full speed ahead. I am growing as an individual, husband and as a team partner. For the first time in a long time, I am seeing a future that is fantastic with friends and family, a business that is thriving and supporting my family and achievable, easy to do and fun. Everything that the MKE said it would.

So why does this sit bother me so much? I don’t have an answer but I maybe in my sits I will get the answers I am seeking. Ask and the universe will deliver. I just have to keep the faith that I am to search deeper and the answer will reveal itself when I am ready to receive it.

Till then, I sit and wait.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and emotions, Michael! You are spot on! “I just have to keep the faith”. Yeah, keep the faith and trust the process and keep on building new habits. You are doing good!

  • It sounds like wonderful things are happening already Michael. The answers will come, patience may be what is required with the sit.

  • You’ve obviously grown so much, Michael, your subby might be suffering from a touch of motion sickness. LOL Keep on keeping on! Great Week 7! 🙂

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