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When I say my ‘Pitty Party’ I’m not talking about my dog’s birthday! Lol!!!

The last couple weeks I have just been out of commission, haven’t done much with this course and really thought about dropping out. BUT THAT’S THE OLD ME, THE OLD BLUEPRINT! I’ve had to slap myself and SNAP out of it! I had a good talk to my-self in the Mirror! The Gal in The Glass! I had to STOP faking it and start making it HAPPEN! So, I’M BACK!!!

Every day, I watch a replay, some days it’s hard to do the morning reads, but, I do it, I sit for 15 minutes and do nothing (that shouldn’t be as hard as it is after the last 2 weeks of doing nothing!)

I still have to revise my DMP! I am finding this harder than I thought I would. I’m doing it though and I’m proud of myself for that.

My Pitty Party is Over


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  • Hi Lisa, So good to hear you are proud of yourself. The more you celebrate that moment the more proud moments you will have.

  • Lisa, you mean you don’t have a pit bull? LOL Seriously, in my opinion, the more you do, the easier it gets. Happy your pp phase is over, and thanks for getting caught up doing your blog! 🙂

  • Yeeeaaahhhhh Lisa, you should be proud of yourself and I am proud of you also!! Keep going, you can do this!!

  • Yeah, Lisa, way to go! So important insights: “BUT THAT’S THE OLD ME, THE OLD BLUEPRINT! I’ve had to slap myself and SNAP out of it!”. And what a great idea to watch a replay every day. You are truly on your Hero’s Journey, letting your magical true self unfold to it’s highest potential.

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