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The mental diet is a roller coaster. Getting better…getting better…up…up…Slam! Free fall to the bottom…and then up…up…SLAM! Back to the bottom.

I have to say that I like the mental diet. Why you might ask since I constantly fail. Because every time I fail, I recognise that I am entertaining a negative thought. And if I notice that then the fail is a success.

Negative thoughts, I have found out since the MKE, are just like opinions, I have an abundance of them.

So how to change? Practice, Practice, Practice…Do it now! Do it Now! DO IT NOW!

I love it! I love that I can work on changing my thoughts to positive ones. I love that I am consciously watching my thoughts and redirecting my thoughts.

I love that I’m starting to realize how much abundance I already experience – daily. Why couldn’t I see that before?

I think because of all the negative thoughts. And now I know that the negative thoughts are just a negative habit that just maybe I was addicted to without even knowing.

I begin and end every day with my MKE readings. All through the day I read my goals and scroll. I listen to my recording and visualize my future. I go to sleep visualizing my goals and I realized that I have accomplished more in all areas of my life in the past two months than I have in the past two years.

This is why I love the mental diet. I am consciously working on my thinking which I’m starting to observe is changing my world, according to my plan, not just a whim.

I have to say, I am enjoying the journey!

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  • Veronica, I love the fact that you are enjoying the journey, and say you’ve accomplished more in the past two months than you have in the past two years! Thanks for staying current with your blogging! 🙂

  • “Because every time I fail, I recognise that I am entertaining a negative thought. And if I notice that then the fail is a success.” BAM! Truth bomb right there! Great observation, Monica!

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