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This week I am a little behind. I still need to do my recording. I might get started today and maybe get it finished tomorrow. Except for the recording, I am caught up on everything else. Thanks to Mark, I did my last Emerson read while listening to a YouTube reading of the essay. I found this to be of great help. I struggled with the first two reads, but the third time was much better. I might even go through it a fourth time with YouTube.

The mental diet is going okay. I started on Tuesday, one of my days off, so there was not much effort needed to keep the negative thoughts away. I took Wednesday off also and was doing good all day. Until I went to Costco just before they closed. I was almost finished shopping and walked away from my shopping cart to grab an item at the end of the aisle. When I went back to my shopping cart, it was gone. Someone took my items out of my cart and put them on top of the items in another cart. There went my almost two days of no negative thoughts. I did catch myself but not quickly enough.

My Thursday restart went fine. I have not had many instances where I have had to catch myself, so it has not been too tough. I’m sure this weekend at work will give me plenty of opportunities. I know I will probably have to start over a few times. I also know that with practice, it will get easier to monitor my thoughts. This is not easy but completely worth the effort.

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  • Isn’t it interesting how the universe challenges us?
    John, you’re so diligent with R2A2, it is easy!

  • John, you’ve got to have cart…I mean heart. LOL The way you handled Emerson is a joy, and the Diet, a riot! 🙂

  • thanks for sharing John. You are right, the Mental Diet is not easy, but is worth it. Keep on it. Good job for doing the work!

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