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Here we are in week 7 and I still find myself struggling where I believe I shouldn’t. When I say struggle, it is specific to the MKE journey. I know everything isn’t going to be perfect but for some reason I find myself forgetting to do the things I need to, that I’ve been doing since week 1. Life has had a couple of changes recently and I have allowed that to interfere with doing the things that I need to do, but the reality is, it’s simply an excuse that doesn’t exist.

The one thing that has been most obvious through these exercises is that everything we do is simply a choice, which means everything that we don’t do is also a choice. So it has exposed a weakness inside of me where I need to decide what is the priority and what isn’t.

Either way if things are to be what I want them to be, it’s all up to me.

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  • Congrats Dan!!! You are doing the mental labor and being the Observer of yourself. Time to celebrate!! =) You are self discovering and came to your own conclusions!! Continue to “Do it Now”, keep focusing on only what you want, utilize the Law of Substitution when you observe actions or hear thoughts in your mind you do not want. Consider reaching out to your Guide Tonia and comment in the Alliances & Polo group.The Mastermind is a key piece for all of us. We are cheering you on Dan!

  • Yes, Dan. The choice is ultimately up to you, yet don’t forget the power of the mastermind. Not only for support, because It sounds as if you have a lot to contribute! 🙂

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