MKE Week 7 – Keeping Promises I make to Myself

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I’m not sure why but this week has been challenging. My phone is getting heavy and my sub-conscious doesn’t seem as friendly as it was last week. I’m not sure why. I’m starting to feel like an imposter in my own skin and that makes me want to scream “STOOOOPPPPP!”

I can really relate to what Mark said in the class last Sunday. He said that he had tried everything until the Master Key Experience and when he first started he had the thought, “What if I do everything they say and I still fail?” I think that is where my freefalling mind is going. Ugh, the struggle is REAL.

It’s a familiar feeling and I know what it is. It’s fear and an irrational fear at that. It’s the old tapes/cement that tell me, “this won’t work, why are you wasting your time?” I’ve carved out time to make the recording but I keep finding everything else around the house that needs to be done. I’m nearly done with my Movie Poster but haven’t put the finishing touches on it. I know, I’m stalling and I think that’s the problem.

In my business they always tell me that activity can turn a challenged attitude around. So, in between the last paragraph and this one, I made the recording and a I finished my Movie Poster. You may think I’m kidding when I tell you that the irrational fear seems to have lifted. Wow. I’m learning so much about myself in this process! Ed Mylett said in the video Mark showed last week that fulfilling promises to yourself is the best way to develop confidence. I just lived that and now I’m so relieved!

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  • woww and golly gosh – that was a brilliant blog including what happened in the space between paragraph 3 and 4 – savour those moments 🙂 may you enjoy many more

  • Teresa, as a fellow Trailblazer, know you’re not alone. I know the feeling of being up against the cement this week as well. Must be a big breakthrough coming, right? <3 I'm proud of you for making the recording and finishing your poster. Well done!

  • Wow, Teresa, that is a powerful testimonial right there! Your experience perfectly illustrates the MKE principles! Thanks for sharing:)

  • That subconscious mind at work, keep fighting to replace with good habits. Build upon your life, Teresa. You are doing it.

  • What a wonderful experience, Teresa! Not only verifying what Mark J is teaching , but also significant enough to be a major turning point in your life! Exciting! 🙂

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