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I start by saying that somewhere someone told me to stop giving. “That if its not an even exchange you never get anything out of it” Well let me tell you that changed me and I lost myself.

I used to always give and loved giving. When I stopped, I became miserable and was always looking for what I was going to get. That was not fun and time went by and I was lost.

When I heard you say “give more and get more” it was like an AHA moment. I was like this is it, when I would do things just because I choose to and shared it with others or gave it to others, I saw the smiles it was creating and how happy I was and how happy I was making them feel!

I see that others are seeing how happy I am and the energy around me is changing. It isn’t dull and gloomy anymore. It is bright and HAPPY!

I knew it was time to create my own HAPPINESS and stop looking at everyone else. This is my life and I have the choice and control over my feelings. I choose Happy and Giving! I am so happy to give and LOVE the smiles I see on their faces because they did not expect it . What a wonderful feeling to receive a note or text from them telling me on how I made them feel special!

I have so many things that I want to share and give, that this makes my heart full of JOY!


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  • I am happy that you have taken charge of your emotions and that you have found yourself again. Great job and wonderful insights, Monika!

  • Monica, Emerson would be proud, #MKE is proud, and I am proud to hear of your latest realization! Keep in mind, once one of yours has been chosen as the featured blog, everyone is looking up to you! LOL Great blog! 🙂

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