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Every week is so incredible! This week when we were talking about Forgiveness, it really hit home.. I did learn this years ago, going through a very difficult divorce, I had a choice that I could let it affect my health or rise above it. I had to accept this person, who is created in God’s image and is perfect the way he was, and that he just wasn’t perfect for me, and forgiveness was, most definitely the answer!

We have a challenge to not dwell on any negative thought for more than 7 seconds, The 7 day Mental Diet.. I wrote this post the day after Election Day, and for me, not the best day to start this diet ; ). And I also wondered if anyone ever made it all 7 days without a negative thought? Inquiring minds want to know! Do It Now, is definitely in my vocabulary, however, since elections were yesterday, I will start this one tomorrow! ;). Peace be the Journey!! xo! 🙂

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  • Forgiveness truly sets us free and it starts with us. Forgiveness mends the heart and changes the world. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  • Maria, thank you for sharing these thoughts. Having gone through a divorce as well over 2 decades ago I really related to what you said.

  • Hi Maria, Thank you for this post. I relate on a few levels and appreciated that you put this out. thank you

  • I always love your honesty Maria. This was a beautiful reflection though on forgiveness. When we were sitting there forgiving everyone who has harmed I I was listing the people that I was mad at or angry at for one reason or another, and how they had harmed or hurt me…and then it hit me…who has harmed me more than me? I really need to forgive myself…I am restarting again this morning as well…children are fun haha

  • Forgiveness walks hand in hand with love to erase and or otherwise clear the path of anything contrary, Maria Rose, to all the goodness that love is! As sure as complete love is, is the knowing that at least one person loves enough to easily make it all seven days! Great post! 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing your experience and reflection, Maria! Forgiveness is an powerful emotion. And the 7 day mental diet is miraculously powerful. Just trust the process and keep on going!

  • Powerful realization, powerful tool, that forgiveness thing. Simple, but not easy. Thanks so much for sharing this, Maria Rose!

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