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Alright, Alright, Alright………I Was Getting Pretty Far Behind With The Assignments, And Blogs, And Pretty Much All Things Tangible. So Week 7 For Me Was About Getting Caught Up!! Playing Catch Up, But Make No Mistake About it, There Was Absolutely No Playing Involved!! This Was Serious!!

It Just Didn’t Feel Right To Be So Far Behind, Listening In After The Webinars It Seems I Am Not The Only One, So If Anyone Reading This Is Behind Right Now, There Is Hope, You Can Do This, Our Subconscious Already Knows What To Do, Relax, Breathe Deep, Gather Your Faith, And Kick Some Ass!!! I Believe In You/ I Love You/ You Can Do This/ You Are Unstoppable!!! Don’t Listen To Anyone Who Says Different, Not Even Your Lower Self!!

See I Was Really Trying To Really Feel Each Assignment, Not Just Bust Out Some Work Without Really Comprehending Or Overlooking Whatever Spiritual Substance I Am Supposed To Gain Or Become Aware Of Or Connect With. I Know I Can’t Rush Any Spiritual Or Natural Process And I Shouldn’t Be In A Hurry, Or Be A Task Driven Monster.

At The Same Time, At The Level Of Fact These Assignments Are Required ( I Want To Do Them Anyway), And I Am Committed To Do My Best To Complete Them. Well Worth It Though And Now I Realize Some Things Need To Build (Brain Cells, New Perception), Some Things Need To Release   (Trauma, Old Thinking), And Some Things I Have To Push, Push, Push ( Faith, Visualization, Imagination)!!

So Now Complete Less A Blog Or Two (Not For Long), It’s On To Week 7/8. I Loved The Guided Meditation, Am Ready To Make This Recording (Do I Need To Be On Beat?) And Am Welcoming The 7 Day Mental Diet!! I Feel Like I Am Going To Need A Built In Buzzer, XXXX (Buzzer Sound) Start
Again!! At Least There’s The 7 Second Rule. Whew, Gonna Need It!!

Next Time To Avoid Falling Behind I Will (1) Read The Instructions In The Workbook, Then (2) Read The Instructions In The Workbook And Then Plan My Week More Effectively!! Alright Then, Until Next Time, You Are Forkin’ Awesome And I Love You!! Peace!!

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  • Hey, Chris! You’re doing a fantastic job by pushing yourself and being authentic. Keep it up!!

  • Love your enthusiasm Chris!! Congrats on being the Observer. Keep tapping into your authentic self – just like you see your amazing daughter does on a daily basis. Nature is giving us examples all around us. We are cheering you on Chris! and thanks for your contributions in the Marco Polo group.

  • A blistering blend of MKE exercises — some done, some yet to be done — with positive, entertaining remarks sprinkled throughout! You are not “a task driven monster,” Chris. You are a joy, no matter what you’re up to, and I can’t wait to read your Week #9…er, I mean your Week 8. It may not even be late. I know it will be great! 🙂

  • Chris, thank you for sharing your thought with us. Keep moving forward you are one step closer.

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