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Mark mentioned this week that they hope to, “find us standing in line with a smile on our faces” & that’s exactly what I felt like this week, but I wasn’t standing in line with other people. This week I’ve felt like I’m standing in line with a bunch of different versions of myself.

1) Stopping the negative thoughts within seconds.
2) Loving unconditionally & quickly.
3) Forgive Everyone
4) Fire & wire
5) Old blueprints deleted/NEW blueprints drawn up.
6) Sit
7) Og
8) Cards
9) DMP
10) Man/Feller in the Mirror (Michael Jackson)
11) Haanel
12) Movie board

I became a 12 step subby program this week, step by step, thought by thought. I continued to work hard at listening more & no opinions. If there had been a hidden camera on me, I could have been recommended for an “evaluation” by those around me (I am laughing so much right now!!!).

It’s felt very good & deeply satisfying. I feel like I am starting to complete & mend things that I never knew needed to be. The depth at which we are exploring ourselves is amazing, but catches me off guard being surrounded by so much negativity in world. So this week I have worked at repeating my steps as routinely as possible with my schedule. I have worked very hard at disrupting my current world & situations with MKE & not the other way around. It has been a peace-be-the-journey phenomenon!

I have found more & more things to not waste my energy on. I have also constantly told myself to save that energy for my future self, which is making us better friends as we draw closer together.

Week 7 has been a great week of focusing on the smiling, positive, happy me while serving everyone around me. My heart & mind is becoming a new place where the old versions of me are no longer welcome because they are becoming uncomfortable with the changing me.


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  • Interesting, Jake. Of those experiencing positive change in their lives, this week in particular, all are happy with this change, and yet the way they see those around them is very different.

    It’s either focused entirely on the good in everyone no matter how flawed, or focused on the negativity generated by these flaws.

    I’m curious to see how this turns out. Will you, Jake, and your newly created #MKE mm partners, allow the positives to dominate the way you see others; thereby, bringing everyone closer. Or allow the negatives to dominate, thereby, driving everyone further apart.

    Just an observation. No opinion.

    Great Week 7! 🙂

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