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I received the invitation to MKE a day before the program starts. I was so excited to join because it seemed to me that that was something I have been waiting for. I couldn’t attend the first live webinar, but I enjoyed every piece of its replay.

What I have learned so far has convinced me that this is a rare opportunity that I should take seriously.

I have to admit that this is not my first attempt to learn how the mind works but this time it feels different probably because of the way the subject is treated. From readings of the Greatest Salesman in the World to the webinar and its material, everything seems blended in such a way that the student of the mind that I have become can only wish he had had the chance to get his hands on this years before.

Anyway, as stated in the book, nature has horror of any haste. I guess this is the perfect time to be part of this movement. So, let’s do it.

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  • Man Aubin, the day before!! How awesome is that? Those are the best kind of situations, when you just know this is what you were looking for. So glad to hear you loved the replay and hope you were able to catch yesterdays. So excited to be on this journey with you.

  • Welcome Aubin, it’s wonderful that you are taking MKE seriously. See you at the top.

  • What great awareness you have already developed, Aubin. This is not about just reading the material, but hands-on guidance in EXPERIENCING the material. And when you do, life becomes SO much more. Welcome!!

  • So glad you were able to get your scholarship in time for the course. Great job on your first blog, Aubin!

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