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And the adventure begins! What is the Master Key Experience? It is a 6-month course of Self Discovery or Self Directed learning. It is about creating a new self blueprint, a discovery of one’s unique gifts, and an authentic self.

This week’s lesson started with the metaphor of the Golden Buddha, each of us was born and raised with certain “cement” (limitations or fears). One day a major life event happens that cracks the cement which allows us to see the Golden Buddha underneath, at this point the real journey begins. Up until this point, our environment has told us what to do. Our ego; what I want, what I believe, what I can do, what I think I love, and the aim of like. This may be too small and what holds us down.

The red pencil syndrome starts in school at a young age. We focus as children on how many problems I got wrong on a test (red pencil marks) instead of the problems we had that were correct, As we grow older we see the red pencil in other places in our environment; peers, government, advertising, etc.

Our goal in this class is to create a new blueprint. Our subconscious mind makes all of our decisions. Our new blueprint will be new thoughts charged with feeling. This will, over time, crack the cement and reveal the Golden Buddha, The Master Key System influences your subconscious mind. We are building a definiteness of purpose with earnest desire, which becomes our new blueprint. We use different tools to do this; Blueprint builder, DMP, and a Mastermind Alliance. We are what we think, so we must learn how to think differently. We do this through word pictures and scheduling activities. “Accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success”

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  • Kevin, nice job explaining what MKE is about for you. Looking forward to seeing more.

  • Well-written post! What did you find or discover in the process? Glad you are on this adventure

  • Hi Kevin, Excited for you to begin to see your true self…the golden you. Good job on your blog.

  • Kevin, that is quite the summary of Week 1. I’m looking forward to how powerfully these concepts will impact your life as you master them. Great start! Great blog post!

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