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I can’t believe that the week is almost over and it’s Thursday. I feel like I wasn’t able to get anything done and the challenge of reading all of the material three times a day couldn’t be more evident than ever. On a brighter note, I shared my DMP with my husband and everything I have learned from the webinar and he is happy that I am doing this course. I shared what I learned on Sunday when Mark explained after the webinar in the Q&A session about how being sleepy during reading time happens because one is a slow reader. If one reads fast then their brain won’t be so sleepy so it’s important to read fast and whole words rather than sounding out the letters at the beginning of the words. My husband started laughing because he could sympathize with that statement since he has a lot of reading he needs to do for work and is constantly battling the fact that he falls asleep. I definitely could sympathize because I don’t like reading books unless it’s one I’m really interested in so feeling like I’m in college again reminds me of the reading I hated having to do. Obviously, this work is all for my personal growth, so I do feel different from having to read the material in the way we are required to read it daily. Not wanting to read it could be my subconscious mind trying to stray me away from my future goals.

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  • Hi Hanalei. Great post. I had a similar interaction with my wife. I shared my DMP, and she was so supportive of what I am doing here. That makes it much easier to commit the time, and there is a lot of time committed.

  • Dear Hanalei, you and your husband are not alone in that issue of falling asleep as you read. You definitely are going to enjoy this. Way to be vulnerable and sharing your struggles and experience. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to your successes.

  • Interesting how some experiences are fairly commonly shared, Hanalei. I find it tends to happen much more frequently when I don’t get enough rest and am reading when I’m tired, and probably should be asleep. Then it’s tough. Like, now (1:35 am.) If earlier in the day, not so much. The self-sabotage aspect is definitely possible, too. Weird what our body does to try to “protect” us, sometimes. Congrats on getting started!

  • Congratulations, Hanalei, on making it through the first week and establishing one of the key components — the MasterMind — with your husband. Let the greatness within you abound!

  • Hi Hanalei, Good that you recognize the resistance around the readings. Being the observer of your actions is helpful in this journey. Good job getting your blog in on time.

  • Time flies when you’re having fun, Hanalei. So glad you’re in the community and already getting value from the course. So much more to come!!

  • Miss Hanalei, it’s funny how our thoughts and the words we say and use create life. Each step brings you closer to the innerself. Enjoy your ride.

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