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Wow in it to win it again!
I can’t to shed my old skin and drop cement!
This is my second year doing the program and excited to approach this from a new found perspective. This year I know what to expect and am excited to work towards my future. Last year it was just work. I did see progress last year from the work I had done, but my perspective was off. It is not hard to see what can happen when I look at this a personal development instead of grinding through the process!

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  • Interesting, isn’t it: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Good job Scott!

  • Good for you, Scott in honesty with yourself and going forward with MKE again. You know what you have within to express life fully.

  • Amazing insight Scott. Thanks for sharing your feelings and experience. You’ve got this.

  • Scott,
    What a great start and a perfect direction to face off with. I cannot wait to go through this adventure with you this time. I always think we gain more the multiple times through because then part of it is starting to be daily and there is room for MORE new and growth. See you tomorrow


  • The first time I heard “In it to win it” was Randy Jackson on American Idol. Good to see it’s still a thing years later. Great first post, Scott! 🙂

  • Hey Scott, I wish I would have come back as you did within a year instead of 13 yrs. Anyway glad to see I am not the only one who got something but not enough. See you at the top.

  • Hi Scott, Welcome back. A new man with a new perspective this year. Looking forward to what new things you discover this year.

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