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Talk about being thrown in head first. I signed up the day before the MKE started so week 1 was a lot of acquiring the materials needed and trying to get familiar with the website and get myself going with the activities. I’ll admit I was pretty lost during that first week but I’m slowly finding my footing.

Scheduling is EVERYTHING. I’m finding this injection of reading and activities into my daily existence especially with a toddler has taken quite the adjustment. Coming into week two with the reading assignments first thing that came to me was “this is a lot of reading”.

I’m sure it really isn’t and this is just internal resistance due to the fact even though I am into personal development I vastly prefer and use audio.

So for certain, scheduling the activities and sticking to them as best as possible is the way forward for me. I am eager for the growth I will experience over these next 6 months as I (and all of us of course) continue to create and embed good habits moving forward.

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  • Insightful blog Mandela! Give yourself grace as you become familiar with the materials and flow of the Master Key Experience. It takes a few weeks to get settled in so take a slow deep breath & trust that you are in the right place. One step, one exercise at a time. Cheering you on!!

  • Congratulations, Mandela, you made it just in the nick of time! Lucky you! It simplifies through practice.

  • I also signed up a day before MKE started, it has been a work out for me too! I am so excited to be on this journey and to be part of a tribe of others desiring to start GOOD new habits 🙂

  • Congratulations to a fantastic first blog! Well done and spot on! You are so right; scheduling is everything and of course trust the process and just stick to the habits. You are doing great Mandela! I am looking forward to follow you on your journey here with us in the MKE.

  • Welcome Mandela! Take each step at a time and it will become your practice. Looking forward to going on the journey with you.

  • Everything new in life seems impossible. In that new job, they show you everything in one day and expect you to know it all. Soon the week is over and the job isn’t as hard as it seemed. This too will become a habit and do it without thinking with ease. See you at the top.

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