MKE Week 1 – What You Resist Really Does Persist

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Resistance show up in many ways in our lives. For me sometimes it shows up in my body, before I realize that I am resisting something or someone. In my case, my back typically will get fussy as a nudge to bring awareness to something. Fear and not feeling worthy have been triggers in the past for me. It may be on my radar, however I may not be conscience of how much it is actually affecting me. This has been happening for years, as time goes on, my awareness is becoming more in tune. What we resist does indeed persist!
Being a student has caused me anxiety as far back as I can remember. I don’t remember enjoying to learn as young as I can remember. Fast forward years, and I realized that the style in which was being taught in my day, basically catered to quick study learners. I have come learn that audio and visual are my first choices to learn and ones I have the most success with. Starting this course, while I am excited, has definitely brought up some resistance I had not expected! I honor it, will not put myself down for it, and will continue on getting better and better as the weeks go on. I am honored and excited to be part of this journey.

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  • My Dear Lynn, Because of YOU, I am taking the biggest, most important journey of my life. Because of your vulnerability and commitment to yourself and to others, it inspires me to be and do the same.

    In my blog I was the most vulnerable, raw and real that I have ever been in an audience of thousands. Right before I hit send, I felt like I did not want to present myself in such an honest, exposed way. I wanted to talk about how excited I was and that I knew the MKE would change my life. Which are both TRUE.

    However, I need to break through my limiting beliefs that have built up over the years and be able to see the woman that I am meant to be when I look in the mirror!

    Being real instead of presenting the Jennifer that I want people to see was the biggest, scariest first step that I had to take to start this journey to find myself and live my purpose.

    Words alone will never convey the depths of my Gratitude to you. I am beyond Blessed that the Universe brought us together ~

  • I’ve resisted being a student going through school, even through college. Since starting my personal and professional development studies/programs, I love it!

  • Lynn, you are the most positive person on the planet. And yes, you are getting better and better! Honored to be here on this journey with you, learning the things our minds are open to learn! Hugs!

  • Great blog Lynn! I appreciate your honesty and I’m sure many can relate to the same feelings. We are honored to have you with us on your journey.

  • So glad that you’re here Lynn. Great observation recognizing your resistance and also that persistence is key to success. You got this!

  • Great blog! Step by step chip through the cement and find the golden buddha underneath. Welcome!

  • I like what you wrote Miss Lynn, “I honor it, will not put myself down for it, and will continue on getting better and better as the weeks go on.”

  • I enjoyed your post Lynn. Honoring yourself is sometimes the hardest thing we can do. I applaud you for it.

  • That crazy resistance thing! Sometimes, I think it’s like the wrapping around a present. Do I want the present badly enough to do the work to get to it? When it comes to having that better life we all want, I say YES! So glad you brought this up, Lynn, and that you’re in our community. Welcome!

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