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How can this be both so Comfortable, and Uncomfortable at the same time?

I was told that I need to look at the Master Key Experience (MKE) I just started as “school.” Well, that’s great with me. I have spent more time in “school” than anyone I know, so I should be very comfortable here. But for some reason I’m not.

Perhaps it is because rather than studying a subject, I am actually studying myself for the first time. It is not always comfortable to take a close look at yourself, is it?

So what is the MKE? I’m not completely sure yet, but the short, simple answer seems to be that it is intensive training to learn to look inside yourself for the answers you are seeking, regardless of the questions. Every aspect of our lives is a reflection of our thoughts, so we need to learn to actually control our thoughts. This means we need to really look at how we think. Like I said, not comfortable.

I have never written a blog before, so this is going to be one part of my journey. The actual MKE is scheduled to take 26 weeks, fully half a year, and demands daily action by the participants. (Actually, action several times each day. There is a lot of baggage to unpack in my 61-year-old brain.)

So far, we have been asked to look inside, and try to determine what our Definite Major Purpose (DMP) is. At first this seemed a little odd to me, I mean everyone wants to be successful, right? So isn’t that my DMP? But what does that success look like? Without the ability to actually picture and describe my goals, how can I, or anyone else, hope to actually achieve them. It is like chasing smoke.

Again, this was more than a little uncomfortable. When you begin to think about how your “perfect life” would look, it can feel selfish and self-centered. So at first I thought small. I pictured a small life, full of small achievement, but knew that was not what I truly want. It took some time to realize that a larger life, full of greater achievement, was not selfish. What you do with the gains of that life can be selfish, or they can be a resource to use to improve other lives.

Realizing this my DMP grew larger.

I would say more about what is to come, but I truly don’t know. There are people in the MKE for the second or third time, or perhaps even more, so they might know what’s coming, but as of now, I don’t. So each week I will learn a little more, and share a little more, and in 26 weeks we will all know what is involved.

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  • Great post Dirk! I agree with your journey you have shared. Uncomfortable, is an understatement, for me. Now that I am looking back to my week 1, I am seeing where I once was as well & the experience has been life changing week by week. I hope & pray your journey has been improving & changing, for the better day by day & task by task. -Blessings-

  • welcome Dirk – looking forward to reading your blog & sharing your adventure 🙂 you’re off to a great start!

  • I’m with you, Dirk. Looking inside to me often seems very difficult. So easy to look outward at other stuff. That’s safer in comparison, since there’s no mind games and resistance to deal with. But when we do, it’s worth the investment, since it pays much bigger dividends.

    Playing small at first seems appropriate, especially since the world typically teaches us to… but, I believe it is a disservice to both us, and the world. We were made to impact and touch others with our gifts and talents, and the best way to get the reach to do that is to grow to the best and biggest we can, and make it happen. I think we have an incredible journey ahead…

  • Good one Dirk! I live that you are already thinking bigger and moving forward ❤️

  • Fantastic blog Dirk, sharing your thoughts! Not knowing is also to have an open mind. You are doing great!

  • I understand Dirk, boy do I. Keep your promise and you will see a great new world. See you at the top.

  • Hi Dirk, Living a greater life brings all of us together to strive to provide more for those we love. You are on the journey. You are doing great.

  • Hi Dirk! This is my second time around, basically because I was not fully engaged and committed the first time. However, I knew this was the journey I really need to embrace in order to Become. So actually I will be as you, not knowing what to actually expect but looking forward with great anticipation.

  • And that beautiful spot of unknowing is so precious! You get to choose where you go from here, Dirk. And I cannot wait to see what you decide!! Indeed, this class is unlike any schooling any one has ever experienced! There is truly Nothing Like It.

  • Great job Dirk. You definitely are in the right place. Keep it going and thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience so far.

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