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They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. In my case, it began with just $1.

This week has been one of discovery as I read, re-read, read aloud and sat in silence. I have been having quite a few insights, but for brevity, I’ll simply speak to the most interesting to me.

First, when I began, I was sure I knew my Definite Purpose in life. What I discovered was a collection of old and new goals, thoughts and ideas that I have collected over time and piecemealed together into my ‘Grand Plan’.

I’m now using my silent time to do as suggested in point 2 of the BPB and using that time to fully think about and feel into the person I intend to become.

Second, that old blueprint is persistent. I never truly thought about how much I am resistant to. I tell myself ‘no’, but not generally as much as I have this week.

There is something about being in sales for some of us where we hear ‘no’ so much that it becomes hard to hear it from ourselves.
That’s not to suggest a blatant lack of discipline, but if we’re addicted to old patterns…and following those patterns make us ‘feel good’, then it obviously becomes hard to say no.

Thus, I did not complete every re-read, but I did most of them. I wasn’t always able to make the full 15min of silent sitting, but I did more than half the attempts. I DID finally get my first DMP draft in, so that’s a win!

And this is just the FIRST step in my journey… only like 999.99999999 more miles to go.

“I will persist until I succeed.” -The Greatest Salesman in the World

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  • Great job! Sounds like you are having some amazing self-awareness breakthroughs. Thank you for sharing, it is inspiring. Great blog post

  • That is so true Kenan. Keep up the great work and thanks for encouraging and supporting your fellow members.

  • Great job encouraging your fellow members Mike. I agree! Keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing

  • I’m with you on the old blueprint being persistent, Rodney! Seems to like dropping anchor on us right when starting to make good headway on a new direction. Congrats on getting with the program and moving ahead toward a new operating system.

  • Congrats Rodney!!! You have successfully started your journey. Posted your 1st Blog, embracing the mental exercises, and being open to all the possibilities! Cheering you on!
    P.S. Great profile picture!!

  • Good job Rodney! You have taken the first steps toward your new reality. Now just keep moving forward.

  • Rodney, you did what a lot of people won’t do, feel great that you have done something. Little steps, each one gets easier as you move ahead. Keep it up and we will see you at the top.

  • Hi Rodney, I love that you are using the BPB to “feel into the person I intend to become”. That is powerful. You have this….feelings are the “secret sauce”.

  • Wow, Rodney. What an awakening to understanding the gift of “no”. How spectacular that you’re seeing you can grow and enjoy the process too! So thrilled for you.

  • Great start Rodney, discovering much already in the first week! Well done! Just hang on creating new habits, knowing that the steps are growing bigger and bigger for each and every day.

  • Thank you Rodney for your vulnerability and sharing your experience. I appreciate what you shared here.

  • Rodney, one mile at a time my friend!! Remember that 1% improvement everyday is 365% in a year— Wow! You have succeeded!! 🎉

  • A terrific 1st step on this MKE journey. Way to use the BPB and recognizing how persistent that old blueprint can be. And some great wins already for that $1!

  • And succeed you shall, Rodney. Way to go on submitting your first blog! Keep up the good work and continue to grow by sticking to the habits consistently. It gets easier. Best $1 ever spent!

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