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I’ve heard it said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Here’s some thoughts for my initial blog for the Master Key Experience. I had some very positive exposure to Mark J. previously in groups on Clubhouse, and was very impressed with a lot of the things that he was teaching and discussing. When he invited me to a meeting about MKE, I was receptive.

I had been searching and looking for ways in recent weeks to be able to “up my game.” I had realized I keep running up against internal roadblocks and self-sabotaging, (especially procrastination) which happens over and over. I couldn’t seem to get past it where it counts the most. I had been exploring and looking for some methods to be able to retrain my subconscious to get it “on my side” and working for me, instead of fighting against me. Frankly, I’d been feeling pretty frustrated lately with myself and the situation, which helped to make joining MKE an easy decision as a path to move forward. I saw this as a divine appointment.

It’s been interesting reading the first lesson, and taking time to sit still and not move (I haven’t done that in a couple of decades, as I am nearly always moving something.) Reading the first scroll from “The Greatest Salesman in the World” has been not only helping to program me, but also made me realize (as a future book writer) that things don’t have to be perfect to be published. Knowing how that book has been so popular for years, as I read it multiple times now, I’ve found that often the punctuation and sentence structure rubs against my expectations (of perfection) for a published book. (I think it could have used more proofing and editing before it was published.) Evidently, content and impact trumps perfect editing. It gives me hope for the future!

The assignments so far have been not too terribly challenging, but making myself do them has been an issue a couple of times. (I realize it’s late and I still have a time commitment that I need to put in, while thinking I’d much rather go to bed, instead.) But, I’m committed and honored my decision and followed through. Of course, work has been more busy and stressful this week, a sign I’m on the right track. I’m not surprised. Seems every decision to move forward is always met with additional challenges to test our resolve.

So far, so good… looking forward to see what’s going to happen for the future…

Meet Mike Sambuco

Passionate worshipper of God, loving husband to Terri, father to Stephanie, and grandfather to Justice. Music minister, entrepreneur, network marketer, guitarist, motorcyclist, amateur radio DXer, martial artist, photographer, telecom technician; previously career Air Force Master Sergeant (Comm and Intel.) Originally from Ohio, now is one of the “frozen chosen” of Alaska since 1987. A fun-loving encourager, enjoys empowering others!

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  • Fantastic blog Mike! yes I’ve also been guilty of procrastination, because most of us blues are perfectionists! But you’ve got great skills and talents, so GO FOR IT, ALL the Way. 👌

  • Awesome, Mike! Yes, perfectionism is something I have worked with too. And what I have learned is that in the challenge is also the gold. For me, it was not punctuation, it was more about being good enough( in many ways) So grateful to have you as part of this mastermind and looking forward to witnessing your journey. 🙂

  • Wonderful first blog Mike! I enjoyed much reading how you ended up here with us in the MKE. I agree with you that things happen within a divine power. And you are doing great hanging on to the daily habits. You truly got it!

  • Love the blog Mike. I believe that you’re being part of this class is really divine intervention. I believe none of us is here by accident. Keep following and doing those homework and get ready for the wildest ride of your life.

  • Lol, thanks. Yes, starting to see some patterns. I wrote most of it Tuesday, but didn’t yet have DMP finished. Submitted on Wednesday, but evidently the site timed out from me waiting too long to finish and it didn’t take it. Had to redo. By then, my first and second choice pictures had been used by others. (Great minds think alike?!)

  • It’s good to know Clubhouse is bearing some fruit. Great to have you on board, Mike! 🙂

  • So glad you joined us this year, Michael. We gotta let go of the perfection thing – it took me awhile on the punctuation, etc., but you’ll get there!

  • Hi Mike, Already you realize that resistance is part of growth. I enjoyed your blog. Good job getting it in on time.

  • Terrific blog, Mike! Isn’t it amazing how it’s so simple and yet so hard. The exercises are simple and it’s the same with trying to reprogram our subconscious. Simple, but we make it hard for some reason. At least now you have all kinds of support to move you where you want to go. Welcome!!

  • I hear ya, Mike! Perfectionism and punctuation are big for me. It is so relieving to let that go when it doesn’t really matter. It’s one of those obstacles that keep us from our goals. Great to recognize it in yourself so early on. Thankful you listened to the recurring messages that brought you here.

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