MKE Week 1 – Stuck in the Blocks

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I am not sure if anyone else has had this feeling before but the best way I can think of describing it is this… I was stuck in the blocks. You know, those starting blocks the Olympic sprinters use at the beginning of a race!? Well, you see at the beginning of Week 1 of the Master Key Experience I was at that starting position, I was “in the blocks”. Ready, I thought for the beginning of this course. But something interesting happened… I got “stuck in the blocks”. Imagine having your running shoes glued or “cemented” into those starting blocks! The very tool that is meant to help you propel yourself forward when you hear that starter’s pistol fire has betrayed you. But alas… The Master Key Experience is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. I didn’t need the starting blocks in the first place!

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  • Man Doreen,
    I LOVE this concept!! You didn’t even need the blocks. Almost like being ‘weighed down with unnecessary knowledge or the handicap of meaningless experience. Nature has already supplied you with instinct and knowledge far greater than any beast of the forest…’ 🙂 Can’t wait to see where we go from here 🙂

  • Miss Doreen, I understand, life is not a sprint but a journey to enjoy for years. Not to speed through it as MKE is the journey for your best life ever.

  • Hi Doreen! Welcome to the marathon with a precious prize at the end!
    YOU!!!! Looking forward to following the footsteps.

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