MKE Week 1 – Second Time’s the Charm

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Sometimes you find yourself and sometimes you don’t, then you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and take the challenge.

Last year I was in my own world of funk. I wasn’t ready to accept the help that was available to me. I learned that as strong as I am, I needed guidance and help.

I have found that when you challenge yourself, you really don’t know if you are lost or found, but just on a journey that is in a new direction. Sometimes any direction is better than staying where you are currently. I have realized that any movement is better than none at all.

I am not hard on myself for not continuing on the MKE21 journey last year. I made a few changes last year that have made a significant difference in my life – changes that I would not have done on my own previously, but the first few weeks last year gave me enough confidence to accept and embrace change. Wish I would have been able to complete the total experience.

I find myself excited and anticipating what the MKE22 will do for me as I acknowledge what the Master Key Experience can do for me.

The challenge has been put out for me, and I accept.

I look forward to the journey and where it may take me

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  • Great first blog Michael! Wonderful that you have committed yourself to follow the MKE thru this year and to discover all the magic that is awaiting for you.

  • Great blog Michael. I believe that there is no such thing as coincidence. You are in this class because you’re supposed to be here. Keep up the great work and enjoy the journey.

  • Hi Michael, We look forward to the journey with you. This year could be the greatest growth for you.

  • Michael, great that you continue to see what you want and go for it. You are successful you have not given up.

  • Such wisdom and insight, MIchael. Welcome back! And hoorah on your commitment to experience even more! So glad you’re here this year!

  • As I’ve previously said, I just love following Pammy. She always has the perfect things to say, and regarding this blog, it is no exception. It is exceptional! Great first post, Michael! 🙂

  • Congrats on accepting the challenge! Looking forward to seeing where your commitment takes you!

  • Welcome back, Michael, and congratulations on your self awareness. The past cannot be changed. You are here again because you understand the impact this course has had on you; and you commit to completing it because you always keep your promises.

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