MKE Week 1 – Prioritize!

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So not as organized as I planned.

Always something, no matter about blocking out the time to do my work, no one respects it. Even when I turn off my phone and close my door! I must retreat to a quiet secluded area to work without interuptions.

My time is not my own, Lisa, I need your help… or, can you come upstairs… or, something else…

It’s almost as if, everyone thinks I’m ignoring them since I’ve told them I am taking this scholarship program. So, now they want my undivided attention 24/7.

Week 1 was a challenge, Week 2 will be a big eye opener for everyone! I’ll be going out to do my work from this point forward

Lisa (Teal Sky)


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  • Oh, yes, I am sharing and keeping everyone in the ‘know’, I have chosen to take the MKMMA Seriously, and I have invited others on my team to join, even though they have seen changes in me from taking T&GR and GO90GROW, they still chose not to join me in this.

  • Thank you Pammy, I’ve been letting everyone know what a fabulous Mark J’s trainings are

  • What a great post Lisa. It is funny how everybody wants some attention when it is not convenient for you but you realized this early so kudus to you. Next week will be better for you I am sure.

  • So glad you’ve joined us, Lisa, to find the peace you’ve been looking for. All those people just see how amazing you are. Now, you get to see the real you, too!

  • Miss Lisa, include them and share what is happening and why you are doing it. Be open and allow them to see the growth. See you at the top.

  • Welcome Lisa to MKE 2022. You’re at the right place. I’ll be looking forward to following your journey with you.
    Julia Standish, Blog Rover

  • Hi Lisa. It is good to see that you are laying down the rules for the time you need. Welcome to the MasterKeyExperience. Glad you are here

  • Thank you for your post Lisa! My experience is that when I make a decision to challenge the status quo. Take each step at a time and find what it holds for you and the others around you. Welcome.

  • Not unusual, Lisa! This seems to happen to many of our good intentions! Congrats for getting your first blog done – even with the interruptions :-). Can’t wait to see how your life will unfold in the next six months!

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