MKE Week 1 – Praying to the Computer God for a Miracle.

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Computers and computer problems make me crazy. I am sorry to have to vent and rant & get this off my chest. And for being such a time saving invention, I feel like I waste more time being frustrated with computer problems than just about anything else. It is such a relief when I can get anything done. And one of the reasons I use Apple products. I can sometimes talk to an actual live person who makes whatever my challenge or block where I was stuck look incredibly easy to fix. I am just desperate to get anything done and posted. Have spent hours and hours on this one simple task. And at this point, if it works, I am not even sure how I did it.

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  • Thank you everyone for your positive and supportive posts, unfortunately … in the past, I have not been used to this.

  • Congratulations, Mark, on submitting your first blog. Onward and upward! Make sure you take advantage of Digital Solutions on Monday nights 7:30pm ET.

  • Great job, Mark! Persistence pays off, well done! It is just going to be better from here. Remember that repetition pays off as well ;-). I can very much relate to your situation because I experienced exactly the same when I started off as a MKE member 5 years ago. But it didn’t take long until I understood what I was doing and I could concentrate on writing instead. The repetition made it easier and easier and I was very proud of my self, knowing that I had accomplished something unfamiliar and also difficult (at the beginning). I even enjoyed much contributing with my blog posts, discovering my thoughts meant something to others.
    Actually your thoughts mean something to others now as well, because you are not alone working you thru with a computer, doing new tasks. Again, well done!

  • Mark congratulations it’s great that you were patient and keep moving forward, you did it!

  • You persevered and got through it Mark and that is the awesome. It will get better, with repetition it gets easy! You got this!!

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