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I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. Not by the information but by the computer
technical Stuff.

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  • wow Elizabeth, you are posting a blog writing about your ‘technical overwhelm’ .
    That made me quietly smile for you.
    As Nancy pointed out, Digital Solutions 7.30pm ET Monday night is always a great ‘go-to’ for help with that.

  • Congratulations Elizabeth! You submitted your first blog. The techno stuff will get easier.

  • We all start in different places, and everyone is not at the same place. I can say that in my experience, generally the more trouble and resistance encountered, is a positive sign that you’re on the right path. Computer tech stuff is often a challenge. But, you can learn and eventually become comfortable with it. You have already proven that you are capable. You learned to walk, talk, and read — so you’ve got this! Congratulations, Elizabeth, on overcoming the hurdles and successfully completing your first blog!

  • Elizabeth, I love your blog ❤️ – short and to the point. Well done. And don’t worry, even the computer stuff gets easier.

  • Mic drop!!!! You did it Elizabeth- successfully completed your 1st Blog Post. Time to celebrate!! You are a step closer to making an unfamiliar task familiar. We are here to support you along the way. Give yourself a “High 5” for going for it!!

  • Well, gosh, Elizabeth, you make me feel good about doing this blogging thing. I wasn’t sure about doing my first blog and reading yours encouraged me to just do it and put down my rambling thoughts.

    Thank you,

    BTW: My name is Royce! haha

  • And here you are! Yeah! Your blog made me smiling because I can relate to that, remembering how it was for me as a member some years ago. Been there, done that, as they say. But you fixed your blog and you did it in the first week. Way to go, Bravo!

  • Hi Elizabeth, Yes, tech can still baffle me, but little by little I have found my way after the MasterKey and Davene’s help on Monday nights. We are here to help.

  • Never fear, Elizabeth. You already look like a professional blogger to me! Catch up with us on Monday nights for more information and reach out to any of the staff or guides for help.

  • Hey Elizabeth. That’s Ok. I’m still sometimes overwhelmed by the “technical” stuff. You’re in great company.

  • Way to go Elizabeth, short but sweet. All this technical stuff really does become second nature and after week 2 it is like a walk in the park!

  • Oh, Elizabeth, I totally empathize about the tech challenges. Just know they work great as a tool to shake up your subconscious and creackcrackctack that cement. 😉 And you did you first blog! Congrats!

  • You did it, Elizabeth! Congrats on submitting your first blog. Easy peasy, right? Embrace the simplicity of the techno stuff and make sure you participate in the Digital Solutions on Monday nights 7:30pm ET to provide clarity and comfort.

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