MKE Week 1 – Overwhelmed, Adapting, Grateful

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So Far I Feel Like MKS/MKE Is The Education I’ve Always Been Seeking Yet Never Knew I Needed

I Had Been Eagerly Anticipating This Class And I Must Say It’s Everything I Thought It Would Be And More!! Overwhelmed, Gradually Adapting, Extremely Grateful Best Describes My Current Experience Right Now!! I School Shock Has Been Very Real For Me As I Have Not Been To Class Or Even Kept A Journal In Years, On Top Of That I Am Currently A Technologically Challenged Bonehead. But So What…
Challenge Accepted!! Admittedly There Are Still Items I Need To Address, Even This Blog ( First Blog BTW) Is Considerably Not On Time!!

While Writing This It Has Occurred To Me That The My Biggest Challenges Are Also The Things My Old Blueprint Is Most Resistant To. For Example: I Am Resistant Yo Socializing, Asking For Help, Masterminding EvenThough I Know I Need To Because There’s So Much I Don’t Know, It’s Completely Normal To Need Help From Others, And Ya Know, Masterminding Is Sort Of Like A Major Part Of This Whole Process!! Come On ….Chris……..Come On.. Dude!! Duh!!! Also Planning My Time….My Subby Be Like “ Planning?? No Dude, You’ll Get Way More Done If You Just Wing It!! Trust Me!!”But I Never Do!! Oats…Oats…Oats. If I Have To Figure It Out The Day Of, It Wasn’t A Plan. I Do Have Very Full Days, And Am Generally Quite Productive, However It’s Never Because Stuff Was Effectively Planned!! Definitely A New Habit For Me. Again Challenge Accepted!!

So Despite My Current Shortcomings I Am Very Excited To Continue Building On All Of The Small But Powerful Daily Habits, Eliminate My Stubborn Subconscious Resistance, And Get Even More Involved!! I Feel Like I Am Becoming Much More Aware Of My Thoughts And Behaviors, Especially The Unproductive Ones . I Find Myself Subtly, Gradually Choosing Different, Better Thoughts And Behaviors.

The Beginnings Of Scattered Consciousness Shifting To Accumulative Consciousness?? Maybe?! Hope So!! Even Though It’s Difficult I Find Myself Loving Every Second Of This Work!! Thank You For Everyone’s Patience, I Am Definitely Coming Around!!

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  • Ya know Chris, you seem like a huge ocean liner attempting to change course. You are coming around. I like the fact that you are noticing the changes as you do so. Great first blog! 🙂

  • Congratulations, Chris, on writing your first blog! Wasn’t so painful after all, was it?

  • The point is Chris you did it, and you realize the importance of what you are doing to improve and get what you want in life. Thank you for stepping up and sharing. See you at the top.

  • Fantastic start Chris! Now you can start putting those 400 billion workers to use. You have a great start! You’re on a roll!! Keep it up!

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