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Yikes. I’m feeling the fear and resistance. My conscious mind is fighting this change in my habits. Also I don’t have a lot of free time to do things that my old blueprint likes to do… staying stuck in my comfort zone, my old routine which is pretty much not constructive at all. I have anxiety, not sleeping well, my dreams are weird. I think my mind is scared and doesn’t know what’s going on and neither do I. I’m 4 days in, and I realized that this fear is probably normal because I’m embarking on a journey to change my life. I’ve experienced a lot of trauma in my life, I’m desperate for a change, and I’m mustering up enough courage to get the work done and see it through, regardless of how my mind and I feel about it. I am financially insecure this month also, so that is adding to my anxiety as well. I am becoming more aware of my old habits. My crutches. I’m extremely overwhelmed and I feel out of control.. but I am confident that this is the change that I seek and I’m committed to staying on the roller coaster, the ups and downs and twists and turns. Damn this is scary.

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  • Thanks for sharing so honestly Laura. This kind of work can be scary, but is so worthwhile. Stay with it – you’ve made a great start.

  • Face Everything And Rise, Laura! Great that you are aware, and pressing through, anyway. The adventure has begun!

  • Thank you for sharing your feelings and your vulnerability. Change can be very scary at the beginning. I’m glad you are determined to stay in the process. Welcome to the Master Key Experience with guides, staff and other members supporting you on this journey.

  • Hi Laura, Change is scary…but you already said “I’m mustering up enough courage to get the work done”. Congratulations you are on your way already.

  • Crutches come in all sorts of disguises, it’s great that you realized it. Keep up the good work and see you at the top.

  • Wow Laura, Thank you for sharing and being so Vulnerable. I’m so excited to see this new journey with you.

  • But how great it is that you will FINALLY be in the driver’s seat and you get to choose how high the ups are and how down the lows are. Thank you for opening up and sharing this. Truly amazing!

  • Hooray, Laura! Great job on stepping out and trusting the process. It is scary but your conscious is now the watchman at the gate, as it should be.

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