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Since my “life-saving”, literally and figuratively, over a decade ago, I’ve become a holistic/alternative therapy and personal/professional junkie. I get addicted to the knowledge and allergic to the implementation.

My one accomplishment that I did implement was that I became a Reiki Practitioner to the Master Teacher level. Many of the other courses and programs that I have purchased from well known coaches and mentors (I’m not a fan of the word guru) had great information, mindset, exercises (of which I’ve done), and steps to put into action, etc.- this is where it stopped for me.

Actually, even earlier than that, I’d not even complete the program- started to read, listen, or watch them, half assed or didn’t do the exercises, life got in the way, another program caught my interest, etc., so now when I complete the program, I do celebrate. However, that celebration feels empty, as I was still in the same position that I was in before starting the program – financially burdened and little to no or very sporadic clients to work with.

Sure, I had all this great information, I felt inspired and motivated, and I didn’t take the physical action. I didn’t put all of that information to work for me.

Why? Great question. Here comes the usual excuses- no money, procrastination, lazy, family and friends not interested and/or non-supportive, didn’t know how or where (lack of resources), the fear of failing, and the list goes on. But, it goes deeper than that- negative programming from childhood (not purposeful or knowingly damaging), emotional blocks, and for me- the fear of succeeding.

Lest, I have to admit, I have two programs that I’ve started and are still incomplete- they have not been forgotten nor lost interest in, just temporarily set aside, as these will help me greatly once I work on me, the gunk that’s holding me back, the deep stuff, not the usual excuses mentioned above.

I recently took on a program that is helping me to release all of that and redesign my thoughts, emotions, and feelings that is supported by my body’s organs, adrenals, and chakras. What our bodies take in over the years and how our organs and adrenals have been affected/abused, all needs to be released and reprogrammed in order to proceed towards reaching success, goals, dreams, and past-the-moon projections.I have been sticking with it, putting it into physical action, and I’ve noticed some positive changes in just a short period of time. In reality, this will be a life long process.

The second adventure that I am partaking in is a global pay-it-forward Mastermind group that instills the work of Napoleon Hill, Og Mandino, and other masters.

It is disciplined. It is supportive. It is habitual. It is repetitive. Daily accountability is a must. It is family. It is a knowledge base of successful entrepreneurs. It is what I want and need to achieve my DMP – my Definite Purpose in life. It’s the people that I choose to hang around with. They have what I want. What I want wants me!

Stay tuned, as this is just the beginning…

Meet Leonard Diana

Leonard is from Hartford, CT, a Reiki Master Teacher/Holistic Practitioner, helping people feel and get better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  His second passion is dance and officiating at ballroom dance competitions.  As a Heart-Centered Yellow/Blue, he loves spending time with family, friends, and colleagues, and  is enjoying the Master Keys Experience.

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  • I enjoyed reading your post. I am a lifetime MKE member. Your blog always reminds me of the never ending process of chipping away at that cement that has taken a foothold of our thoughts and behavioral patterns that have shaped who we are as adults. We can make the process of self discovery a wonderful experience if we surrender our old thoughts and habits. Just give 100 percent of you and trust the process of creating a new reality for yourself and you’ll be amazed at the transformation of the old you into the future you that your heart truly desires to be. MKE… nothing like it👍. P.S. I took the course 3 times. So glad that I did😎

  • Addictive to learning, allergic to implementation!!! Leonardo, you have identified my struggles of past. I always wondered why I could not stay focused and committed to different programs I subscribed too. MKE was my breakthrough. I’m sure it will be yours also.

  • Sounds so familiar, Leonard. Especially the info junkie and “allergic to implementation,” and body stress issues. I confess to also being guilty. Let’s move forward and become implementation masters, and help lots of others!

  • Super blog! You have already made progress on your journey. The MKE will help you to refine and continue.

  • Thank you for sharing your past and your thoughts. Your insights in your past behavior is a strong platform to start from. Indeed, your journey has just began and I am happily staying tuned to follow you on this marvellous journey.

  • Congratulations on your success Leonard. Seeing what you need and want and moving toward it. Feel great you are. See you at the top.

  • Hi Leonard, You have already made good progress observing your past behavior. Now you can move forward with confidence and build a new future.

  • Marvelous, Leonard! I can’t wait to see what your next chapter brings. You’ve only barely scratched the surface. So grateful you’re with us.

  • Welcome and thank you for your blog! This is the beginning of a wonderful journey to find you.

  • Fantastic and insightful blog post! Terrific observations on the “allergic to implementation” that so many can relate to. Looking forward to watching your journey unfold as we mastermind together in the MKE.

  • Great job Leonard. This truly is just the beginning and I cannot wait for what is about to unfold for you in this journey.

  • I feel like we are kindred spirits, Leonard. Thank you for sharing yourself in your blog. Stay focused on the material and the habits and watch it all unfold.

  • Fantastic, Leonard! So glad you’re here. I appreciate reading your thoughts on the MKE as you’re starting this first week!

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