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Let’s do this together now, as the day begins so must I.

I Wanda K Robinson I am digging deep inside myself bring outward a new leaf on life. It’s not about others; it’s not about what happens in a day. It is about creating the thoughts of my mind into daily habits.

Not just for a short while but for eternity. It is not enough to do this for 6 months it is a newly developed habit for different results, daily.

From this day forward I am taking control of my subconscious mind and created better habits. Nothing is easy, I know this is true.

One must give up something to gain something.

I am glad to give up the negativity, the self destruction, and allow myself enough time to overcome all obstacles that stand in my way.

Let’s do this together now and find our true selves that are hidden deep inside of us and allow the power to be brought forward outwardly into our universe.

MKE is the place that will help guide and give understanding of like minded people who also found a way in their life to take control.

Yes, just as it was when you were in school it’s sort of like brainwashing.

But this time around, it’s not about taking control of your thoughts and placing it with what society says you must do.

You won’t be labeled unruly, you won’t be sent to the principal’s office because you won’t comply, or sent into the corner of the room with a dunce cap.

None of that goes on here with MKE.

You are helped, guided to understand why you do the things you do.

I am doing IT!

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  • wonderful blog post Wanda – thanks for sharing about your first MKE week. Your newly developed habits will serve you well

  • Yes, yes, I love your reflection and the way you are releasing the cement that has been part of what we have all experienced. Thank you! so good. xoxo

  • Great comment Mike – mahalo for supporting your great fellow MKE course members!

  • Beautiful description if I do say so – nice Wanda and mahalo for all the support you are showing your MKE course partners!

  • Watch out old subby programming, new and upgraded Wanda is on her way! Way to go, crushed it, Wanda!

  • Thank you, Arlene, glad you were able to enjoy what I shared. My life is amazing.

  • Miss Joan, it’s funny how negitivity takes on all kinds of forms. Thank you for the encouragement.

  • Miss Janet, I am an olive tree. 😁Thank you for your kind words. I am looking forward to seeing what you share.

  • Miss Monica, the power is within all, we just have to fight for what we want to bring forward. Thank you.

  • Miss Suzanne, you as well for as Mark says you can only see what is inside of you. Let’s have fun.

  • Congratulations Wanda on taking control to find your true self! Looking forward to watching the flower blossom.

  • Wow, Wanda! You just nailed it with your mind set to create new habits. What a great start! What a powerful start!

  • And we’re glad you are, Wanda. I am immensely encouraged at how you understood the “Let’s” piece of MKE. No one succeeds on their own quite like a true MasterMind! So excited for your journey!

  • Fantastic post Wanda. Love the new leaf analogy and recognizing that “It is about creating the thoughts of my mind into daily habits.”

  • Great job, Wanda, getting this blog done and also on the wonderful mindset habits you are creating. You are off to an amazing start!

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