MKE Week 1 – Let’s Do This… Again

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As a graduate of the MKE course, I think it was 2015, or maybe 2016, this is not foreign to me. Plus I have had a few failed attempts to re-take. However, I kept letting my “old blueprint” take over. I always placed the blame on “life”. This time around, there is something different. Well, couple of things. Unlike before, I have gotten to the point of “quiet desperation”. Before, I was what I can say is, comfortable. I was okay with “just getting by”.

“What’s so different?”, you might be asking. One, well I’m just tired. Tired of the stress. Tired of of wondering how the next bill will be paid. Tired of not being able to take a simple vacation. The list goes on.

Couple more reasons, GRANDCHILDREN! With one grandson and another on the way, the world has gotten brighter!

Enough of the scraping by and NOW is the time to live! Time to start spoiling loved ones and time to spoil myself!

It is time to start keeping my promises!

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  • It’s amazing how we get to a certain point and really know it’s time to do something different. It’s fantastic that time has come for you David, look forward to the journey together.

  • I agree with you David, grandchildren give us a new sense of happiness and at the same time teach us a lot. The world is brighter

  • You know how they say Dave ain’t here. Well, I’m here to say Dave is here, and he’s back with a vengeance. Great first post, David! 🙂

  • Welcome back, David! You are here because you know it works and you know you can make the changes necessary to receive all that you desire.

  • Great David, it is your time to rejoice in the experiences and grab hold of the man inside the cement for he is doing wonderful things.

  • Welcome back, David! And wow, how things change in such a short amount of time. Dig deep, shove away even more cement and you’ll be astounded at what’s next! Keep us informed!

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