MKE Week 1 – Lessons Learned

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What I’ve learned so far:

PPN are Autonomy and Liberty. I’m a Yellow so all my goals must be fun to inspire me. Yellows have an issue with follow through, so I need to work on this issue and get it under control.

I have a beautiful emotional goal I can feel into, but I’ve got some real nuts and bolts to deal with first. So I am setting my goals short term. Done by 3/11/2023 and I’m going to work hard and assure myself that the fun is coming. I’m also making sure I stay on track with all my assignments, once again going against type because I need this to work. My 65th birthday is November 9. It’s time to succeed.

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  • gosh William – what a great week and your 65th coming up in November 🙂
    enjoy your week

  • Way to be the observer, William. You definitely are on a beautiful and fun adventure here in the MKE. Keep it going, I know you’re going to love every aspect of this experience. Welcome to your new life adventure.

  • Happy EARLY birthday William. You have already succeeded in life. Look at what you have and do daily those are successes. I understand what you meant though about the “success” you are looking for. I bet Davene is going nuts with the quotations. 😄Anyway great job.

  • What an amazing 65th birthday gift you’re giving yourself with all you’re learning and applying on this life-enhancing journey! Have fun exploring all the dimensions of your YELLOW motivations–I love how you’ve dived in, Will! So grateful to be journeying with you.

  • Boy, for just one week, you’ve learned a ton more than many people know about themselves, William. Way to go!! And so many more phenomenal things awaiting you! Congratulations on a great start!

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