MKE WEEK 1 – I’m Lost

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I am excited to start this course again, but it still is a bit much for me. The technical end of drives me crazy.
Big thanks to everyone who made it all possible for the amount of growth I have accomplished so far.

Meet Phyllis Vitacca

I’m a hairstylist in Chicago and I love bringing out the best in people. I also enjoy meeting so many people through my network marketing company. I have loved the MKE journey, and I continue to be on this exciting adventure. I also love spending time with my son and granddaughter.

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  • You’re doing good Phyllis. I’m positive that you are going to do even better than before. Great job submitting your DMP and your blog. Keep up the great work.

  • That roller coaster image matches your words so well! Congrats on your persistence in getting your first blog done despite all the tech challenges! APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE! I’m so glad you’re joining the MasterMind again!

  • Welcome Phylliss! Dont forget yourself who made it possible for the amount of growth you have accomplished so far. Lots more to come!!

  • Welcome back, Phyllis. So great to see you again! We’re hoping some of the changes we’ve made will take some of the tech concerns away so you can focus on manifesting the life you truly want — and deserve!!

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