MKE Week 1 – I Can Control My Life With My Thoughts?

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When reading the Master Key’s lesson 1, it really baffles me that everything that we desire is within our control and begins with our thoughts. At first, I was attempting to understand do I get to the power if it’s within. The more I read, it all boils down to my thoughts.

I have to admit that I have always been a dreamer (daydream) but all of my thoughts are were not good. Now I understand why I have a scattered life. My life is great, we have a brand new home, we’re able to afford healthy food, our children are doing great in school but I feel like we have just enough. I would love to have more than enough. What does that look like?

Yes, millions of dollars or at least a steady flow of abundant money and resources coming in would be nice so I wouldn’t have be concerned about if there will be enough. What’s so funny about all of this is, we never really go without, somehow there’s always a way.

Things don’t always happen or show up in the way that I thought they would look and I’m learning to be ok with with that. We aren’t supposed to be attached to what we desire looks when we get them are we?

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  • Blogging is a one of the benefits of your MKE Lifetime membership. Welcome Back, Vandolyn.

  • Further to the comment from Pammy, “ The only thing holding you back is the limiting beliefs you superimpose on yourself. Welcome to freedom!”…
    what a great invitation to flex your imagination

  • Thanks for sharing your blog, Vandolyn! The only thing holding you back is the limiting beliefs you superimpose on yourself. Welcome to freedom!

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