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I have the feeling that this is going to be a great experience/journey and I am excited to be here.

It’s only the first week but taking part so far has resulted in a powerful insight for me. I’m not sure why (or how) that happened but I’m glad it did.

To cut a long story short, (or fairly short); during the first session last Sunday, I kept wondering why I always try to keep myself invisible, aways “under the radar”. This is even to the extent that I keep my video off during group zoom calls. Not clever.

After the session, well the following morning as the first session finished at 11:15pm for me, I began to think about the first time I decided to keep my head down. I thought back and back, thinking about each time I have done that; times that I didn’t follow up with prospects; times in my corporate career when I failed to step up and times at school when I didn’t put myself forward.

As no doubt some of you reading this (if indeed, anyone is reading this 😊) will recognise, this is a technique sometimes called time-line therapy. I’ve found it very effective with clients, to pinpoint when a particular pattern of dodgy thinking begins.

So…during one of my15 minute quiet times, it struck me that the very first time I had that feeling was during the last year of my primary school, so I would have been around 10 years old. The whole class was putting on a drama session for parents. We were told to mime something and then asked to describe what we were doing.

Most of my classmates described fairly routine activities (as far as I remember). I described how I was fishing for sardines in the Mediterranean, in a small fishing boat that was rocking perilously and that we were hauling in a huge catch of fish. I’ve no idea where that came from. The furthest I had been was the Somerset coast. (All of 9 miles from the village I lived in).

Anyhow, I remember that all the parents laughed at me, and I felt awful.

I realised that this was the time that I decided that the way forward was to be like everybody else. To fit in and keep my creative thoughts to myself. Thus began many years of complying with whatever the school/company/partner wanted, whether I wanted to do that or not and keeping my head down.

Hopefully, I’ve now let that go.

In fact, I’m not sure I could have written and published this blog if I hadn’t let go of that pattern.

And this is only the first week!!!

Can’t wait for the next few months…

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  • Thanks for your comment, Elena. I agree with your “no coincidences” comment. It is really encouraging to have so many people supporting me. Strange but encouraging.

  • Hi Mike. Thanks for your comment. And, you have my name spot on…Allan. Now I need to find out how to correct it in the title 🙂

  • Congratulations on your first blog and acknowledging you “letting go”. I look forward to following your journey.

  • Allen, yes, you probably already figured that we read your blogs and wow, I love that story of fishing for sardines. You are unique and I don’t believe in coincidence and I know you are here for an amazing reason. Thanks for your insights and for this beautiful blog. Keep up the great work and let’s plot your new journey here at MKE. Excited to see your progress, week after week.

  • Hey Allan, what a great story and awareness of how we could sabotage ourself through life! You are far from being alone in this, however you are among the very few who had the courage and faith to do the job to acquire this awareness, and the humility to share it publically for the benefit of everyone…The rewards are now inevitable and are going to exceed expectation! Thanks for your great sharing!

  • What a marvellous blog Allen! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It brought me both a smile and a tear in my eye. The tear because I got so happy for you having this insight (or even revelation?) so you could let go of your old pattern to have a low profile. And your journey, unfolding all magic within you has just began! And BTW, we are reading your blog, with pleasure.

  • Hi Allan, Looking forward to being a part of your journey. From your blog it sounds like you have been observing yourself and locating patterns of behavior. This will be something that will help you. Good job on your blog.

  • Allan, congratulations on taking the first step. You have it in you to do this and be great. See you at the top.

  • Yes, you are being read, Allan. Great that you’ve already had a breakthrough, congrats! (You’ve already got your money’s worth!)

  • Wow, wow, wow, Allan. What a great share! Letting go is one of the most powerful steps we can take – to accomplish anything!!

  • That’s so awesome, Allan!! Thanks for sharing because so many others are going through the same thing.

  • It is only the first week! And it will be amazing what comes in the next few months! Looking forward to following your journey

  • First off — yes, we read your blogs. Second — you did great, Allan! Third — congratulations on your amazing personal insights. Sounds to me like your perfectly created “you” realized you were special. Now you have the security and the maturity to allow yourself to shine as you were created to.

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