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I am so excited to be embarking on this hero’s journey with the MKE. This is my second time taking the course and man-oh-man how my life has transformed from taking this course. I admit having fallen out of the good habits that are the key to all success and I am embracing the journey with excitement to get “back on track.” The greatest salesman reads are serving as a reminder of how important my habits are, because after all I am a slave to my habits so they might as well be fruitful ones (Golden Apple fruits).

I am looking forward to meeting my guide and tribe so we can learn and grow along side one another and to help me (a fun-loving yellow) to stay accountable with the scholarship requirements. The 15 minutes of sitting completely still is a challenge for me, but I know that by controlling my body I will be better able to control my thinking. My world within has been more scattered than I would like to admit. Harmony within and clarity with my definite major purpose is so needed if I am to achieve success (as I perceive success).

I am a mother of three young boys, fiancé to an amazing man (that is also enrolled in MKE), a full-time therapist, active member in a 12-step program, and I am a returned student completing my PsyD in Marital and Family Therapy. With all the responsibilities and goals in life I found myself in the past going through the motions and daily tasks and remaining stagnant for many years before embarking on this hero’s journey. I cannot wait to see where this next leg of the journey takes me and to refocus in on discovering my golden Buddha within.

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  • For a while there, I wasn’t sure if you were going to make it. Then there you are with a BANG! Way to hang! Great first blog post, Christina! 🙂

  • Welcome Back for your 2nd time around the Sun. I look forward to sharing your journey with you. Congratulations on making the commitment.

  • Great job Miss Christina realizing you want to embark on your hero’s journey, see you at the top.

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