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It is simply amazing to me to have found a written expression to that which I have always known. I remember back into my youth and clearly recall the moments where I felt my insides where alive, with not just me, but with the force of infinite love, innocence, and imagination that served as my souls talking mate.

Now after so many years have passed and having allowed societies program to veil that inside of me, it is past electric to return to this journey of communication with the infinite. To engage once again into wonder and love without any reservations
or fear is simply amazing.

I can look and recall how I personally chose to sidestep what is required, and I can look and know my choices sprung from ignorance and from the idea that the outside world has more power than the inside world. And so, it will be an honor for me to uncover the details of the divine that lay inside and that are the keys
to my evolution.

I will reject the notions of time and outcome, and I will work with diligence to bring out to the world, with an aim towards service, that which I truly only have,
my own heart.

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  • An honour to uncover the details of the divine! Such beautiful wording. I look forward to reading your blogs!

  • So beautifully put, Thank you Gregory, and so happy to be in MasterMind with you…:) I am excited to hear your progression through the posses.

  • Welcome to the journey, Gregory. You are no longer isolated, now’s the time to grow to great.

  • You have hit the nail on the head. Congratulations on taking the steps and moving forward, Gregory.

  • Great first blog Gregory. It is amazing what the inside world can do and you realize that in week one. Amazing things will come your way through this course,

  • Hi Gregory, This is an amazing power affirmation. ” I will work with diligence”. And I know you will.

  • Congratulations Gregory to your first blog and a fantastic one as well! You really got the understanding of the impact from the cement and you have truly come to the right place to get rid of it and to shine as the marvelous human being you are.

  • “. . . it is past electric to return to this journey of communication with the infinite.” love this! Communication with the infinite IS past electric!

  • Wow! Great job writing your week 1 blog. You are going to have fun here. The exercises are going to be entertaining and really fun for you. I am excited to see your progress week after week. Welcome to the rest of your life. Enjoy the ride and the process.

  • Greg, you described so powerfully your awareness of the contrast between the world without and the world within! I can FEEL your “ah-mazement” and love your desire to share from within now!

  • Congratulations, Gregory, for already having the insight to know that the cement does not satisfy! Way to go on submitting your first blog, too!

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