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Dent in the Universe!

Hello, everybody..

My name is Anthony de Greef, I was born in the Netherlands, the oldest of 3 boys, I’m now 55 years young, and I’m living in the south of Spain, near Cádiz, which is one of my dreams come true!

For marketing purposes I have changed my name to Anthony Duconti, because a lot of people have trouble speaking my last name, and I called my company also Duconti.

I know this week has just begun, but for me personally it’s like a last resort, because of all the personal self-help what they (the gurus) teach you in Networkmarketing, I’ve found out my whole life that REAL CHANGE is an inside job! One of my goals is to create 111 leaders in my organisation, worldwide!

I’m in networkmarketing 8 years now, and with my second company, but when I found this great opportunity I was a welder, a blue collar worker, and before that I was in the military for 5 years, the Royal Navy of the Netherlands, including being sent to the Persian Gulf during the first Gulf War, in 1991.

When I was younger I always was very involved with other people, listening, taking care of their needs, but eventually I also spent too much time with people that only wanted attention, so that costed me a lot of energy..

But deep down inside I knew, at a young age, that I was put on this earth to put a dent in the universe, like the picture of this blog, to make an impact with my company and service in the world, that will be of value to a lot of generations to come!

So, for me personal development was -and still is to this day- always a big part of me, because of my background, I was the outlier if you will, and wanted to be an entrepreneur like my grandfather and my father, but not in the same way as they did.

I believe that if you want things badly enough, your brain or mind will find a way, but you need to develop new skills, or maybe you have them, but you’ve never believed that you had them!

Sitting still for 15-30 minutes wasn’t easy the first days, now on the third day it is slowly getting better, if I do it in the morning, before I begin with my readings, DMP and the other exercises. But my mind wanders off a lot, thinking about a lot of different things in 25 minutes!
By the way I love to read, so that’s the easy part for me!

I know that I have got a lot of talents, and abilities to become who I need to become, and that’s one of the reasons that I have a lot of confidence in this MasterMind Alliance!

Kind Regards,

Anthony Duconti.

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  • Great first blog. The Sit is a great habit to establish. I’m glad that on the 3rd day you are recognizing its benefits. Your confidence radiates. Looking forward to following your journey.

  • This is a great blog Anthony! I enjoyed learning more about you and I find that we have some things in common which helps build that harmony in our community. I hope this course is all that you hope it will be!

  • Hi Anthony,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. As I read your words I felt confidence and I can see that you are in the perfect place at this time to advance what is most important to you. Awesome share and Thank you

  • Hello Anthony, we have some commonality, as I was career US Air Force. We understand chain of command, and orders. Now it’s time that we get our subconscious to obey the commanding officer (us!) and overwrite the old “standing orders” imposed by previous commands we received before we understood. Great on your network marketing and entrepreneurship, your enhancement and elevation here will help to provide leadership for your team and your company in the future!

  • Good job Anthony! Thank you for sharing your story. You are on your way to making that dent, that impact!

  • Anthony, this is amazing. What an awakening! What marvelous goals. Can’t wait to see what develops next for you!

  • Hi Anthony, So nice to get to know you through your first blog with the MKE. It sounds like you are making progress with your sit already. You are doing great.

  • Great start Anthony! Just keep bringing your focus back to your sit and the training begins. Looking forward to seeing what is ahead!

  • Thank you for your presentation Anthony! Well done first week with sit and new habits! Your reflection that real change is inside job is a strong platform to stand on going thru the Master Key Experience.

  • Anthony, this is a great post which will be a great source of inspiration for all the members of the MKE! You have choosen the hardest but also by far the most promising and rewarding way to live: doing the INSIDE JOB to get the changes you want and achieve your dreams! Congratulations for your courage, honesty and humility!

  • Great job Anthony! Way to commit and do the work for YOU. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences.

  • I appreciated reading this, Anthony – thank you for your service. You have come a long way, and we’re honored to be with you on this part of your journey!

  • Thank you for your service Andy! Love that you were willing to share your story! Great observations regarding the sit and your confidence. You got this!

  • First of all, Anthony, thank you for your service and thanks for sharing your story. Way to go on submitting your first blog! Keep making those dents in the habits, one day at a time. You’ve got some great assets: the confidence in your abilities and the humility to know you can work on yourself to make all your dreams come true and help others in the process.

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